Improve Your Performance With Barefoot Running

What if there was a training modality that could strengthen the whole body AND improve your running technique? 

One that utilizes barefoot and minimal running for its inherent benefits but still leaves room for other ideas and philosophies regarding running shoe technology. 

Barefoot running is a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal. 

And understanding how barefoot running can fit into your running life while also working out when and where to use other running shoes to their maximum potential can skyrocket your running performance! 

If you’re ready to strengthen your body, reduce injury risk, and become a more robust and faster runner –without adding more training sessions…it’s time to embrace barefoot running. 

But which barefoot running shoes do you choose?

Great question!

Luckily, you’re in the right place.

Hey, I’m Nick!

UESCA running coach, ultra-runner, and trail running enthusiast on a mission to help more runners embrace barefoot as a training tool.

Since going barefoot 6 years ago and running in barefoot trail and road shoes, so much has changed in my running performance. Things like my gait, cadence, speed, efficiency, and longevity have all gotten better the more I ran in barefoot shoes. (If you’re wondering…I’ve tracked much of this using University grade running gait sensors). 

And I want other runners to experience the same results! 

The problem is, I didn’t find many barefoot runners out there, nor were there tons of barefoot brands or shoe lines specifically geared towards runners.

So I decided to start Barefoot Run Review, a go-to hub filled with minimal running shoe reviews for runners looking to find the perfect barefoot shoes for their unique feet. You’ll also find plenty of resources to help you learn how and when to run barefoot to improve your training.

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How To Start Barefoot Running

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The Right Barefoot Shoe For You

A Unique Take On The Barefoot Running Journey

I strongly believe that everybody in this world can benefit from a barefoot journey, whether it’s simply walking around the house barefoot or running a marathon in minimal shoes.

Our feet are amazing with complicated muscular and joint systems that can drastically improve your running experience and performance. 

And if you really want to level up your performance on the road (or trail!), barefoot running is an essential workout to include in your running training.

Much like strength training or foam rolling, learning how to run barefoot can strengthen key stabilizing structures and help reduce injuries in your running journey.

It doesn’t mean you have to run minimal 100% of the time. 

If you want a fast time, or you’re recovering from a tough workout, find a comfortable shoe that’ll help you achieve the goal of the day. But including barefoot workouts could be the improvement you’ve been looking for all this time!

Barefoot running should be accessible and achievable for everyone and every foot out there! No matter where you’re at in your barefoot journey (whether it’s nonexistent or your closet is already filled with barefoot brands), you can start running barefoot, too! 

Check out some of these reviews if you’re still not sold. 

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If you’re looking for further advice on running, going barefoot or anything else, never hesitate to reach out! I’m just on the other side of this email: hello@barefootrunreview.com

Running & minimalism are two personal passions of mine (Yerba Mate was runner up!), and I’m dedicated to finding the solution for every person looking to take a chance on the minimal journey!

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