Do you want to run barefoot?

Have you tried minimal shoes in the past and failed due to injury?

Or are you a complete barefoot skeptic?

I’m Nick, and I’m here to help you on your barefoot journey.

And here are my feet…..

Barefoot Toe exercises

I believe that everybody in this world can benefit from a barefoot journey, whether it’s walking around the house barefoot or running a whole marathon in minimal shoes.

Our feet an amazing balls of flesh with complicated muscular and joint systems that can drastically improve your running experience and performance.

If there’s one lesson I could teach you, it’d be that

Barefoot running is an essential workout to include in your running training.

Much like strength training or foam rolling, learning how to run barefoot can strengthen key stabilizing structures and help reduce injuries in your running journey.

That doesn’t mean you have to run minimal 100% of the time. If you want a fast time, or you’re recovering from a tough workout, find a comfortable shoe that you’ll help you achieve the goal of the day. But including barefoot workouts could be the improvement you’ve been looking for all this time!

On the Barefoot Run Review, you’ll find plenty of minimal running shoe reviews to help you find the perfect shoes for your feet. And you’ll find resources to help you learn how and when to run barefoot to improve your training.

If you’re looking for further advice, never hesitate to reach out for personal advice.

This is my passion, and I’m dedicated to finding the solution for every person looking to take a chance on the minimal journey!