Minimal shoes with a range of road, trail and casual shoes. Best for wide feet.

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Primus Lite III

Type: Road

Width: Wide

Stack height: 4mm rubber outsole + 3mm removable insole

Weight: 6.3oz / 180g

Super minimal with a nice wide toe-box. Read the full Review

Primus Trail FG

Type: Trail

Width: Wide

Stack height: 2.5 mm + 4 mm lugs + 3mm removable insole

Weight: 8.9oz / 250g

Protective, aggressive, and still minimal. Read the full Review

Top 5 Barefoot Road Running Shoes

A row of minimal shoes

So you want to run on asphalt barefoot? What about the nails and glass you find on the streets!? That may be an overblown worry, but it’s understandable if you want something to protect those precious feet.  That’s where this post comes in.  If you’re already here, I will spare you the sales pitch on…

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Xero Shoes vs. Vivobarefoot – Both barefoot, but for different feet

Xero Shoes Terraflex II Conclusion

In the battle for the best barefoot brand, Xero Shoes and Vivobarefoot are certainly up there.  Both brands excel in creating shoes to promote natural movement, but they’re not equal.  And for you and me, that’s awesome! We all have different feet! Different shapes and sizes, different strengths and weaknesses, and different movement patterns.  That’s…

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Vivobarefoot vs. Altra – Which shoe brand is right for you?

Altra vs. Vivobarefoot

Are you looking to transition to a zero drop shoe but don’t know what your best options are? (If so, start here) Maybe you’re already running in Altras, but you’re looking to transition to a more “barefoot” feel, and you’ve heard Vivobarefoot is the way to go?  In this post, I’m going to guide you…

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