Why use Zero Drop Running shoes?

Xero Shoes Nexus Knit upper
Traditional shoes felt unnatural. Zero-drop changed everything! Improved balance, relaxed stride, stronger calves - all with a more natural running experience. Find out why I use zero drop, and why you should too.

Beginner’s Guide to Running: How Altra Shoes Can Help

altra mont blanc durability
Choosing the right footwear is crucial for beginner runners. Altra shoes, with their unique FootShape™ Fit and Zero-Drop philosophy, offer a natural, comfortable running experience. Find out why Altras are a top choice for new runners looking to hit the trails or pavement.

How to Avoid the Risks of Barefoot Running

barefoot running risks
Barefoot running offers a unique approach to enhancing performance and reducing injuries. This post delves into transitioning safely, countering industry myths, and presents a 6-month journey to master this technique. Learn the secrets to efficient, injury-free running

How Should a Barefoot Shoe Fit?

Thumb width shoe fit

Buying shoes. You either love it or hate it. I get it. I used to work in a running shoe store and had unlimited choices, but I still needed help choosing a suitable model. The main deciding factor comes down…

Barefoot Nike’s! But only for babies?

Sloped toes

When I first read the press release from Nike mentioning they’re launching an “early walker shoe” I was very cynical.  Of course they are; it’s a market they don’t own yet….  But it was only when I continued reading when…