Nick helps aspiring runners learn how to take a healthful approach to their training and races so they don’t crash and burn before they achieve their goals.

The Best Barefoot Road Shoe – For You

Barefoot Toe exercises

Today I’m going to try and find you the best barefoot road shoe for your feet. Not every shoe brand and model will fit your foot perfectly. Some won’t be wide enough, some won’t be deep enough, and some will…

Step 1 in Barefoot Running

standard arch

So, you want to run barefoot? Or at least run in minimal shoes.  You’ve heard all the hype about a stronger foundation, a reduced injury risk, and transitioning to a more natural way of running…you know, the type of running…

Which Altra Shoe Should I Buy?

Altra Timp Upper

So you’re in the market for some new running shoes, and you’ve decided you like the zero-drop and wide toe box nature of Altra. But you’re left thinking, “What Altra shoe is right for me”? Well, that’s what I’m going…