Nick is a UESCA-certified ultramarathon coach and avid barefoot runner, having over 5 years of experience in barefoot training and has competed in multiple ultra marathons wearing barefoot shoes. Starting his journey in the running industry over 10 years ago in New Zealand, Nick evolved from a running shoe salesperson to a passionate advocate for the transformative power of barefoot running. He believes in its potential to enhance running experiences for all and combines his unique insights from both personal achievements and professional coaching to guide and inspire the running community."

Tolos Archetype 2 Review – A balance between casual and performance

tolos archetype 2 hero
In my quest for the perfect all-rounder shoe, I discovered the Tolos Archetype 2. I was intrigued by its promise of style, function, and a barefoot feel, all in one. At $115, these shoes offer (relative) affordability, durability, comfort, and versatility for any activity, from the gym to daily wear. Find out why the Tolos Archetype 2 could become your go-to footwear choice.

Xero Shoes H-Trail Review – Perfected Sandal Design?

xero shoes h trail hero
Explore the Xero Shoes H-Trail sandals review, highlighting their secure toe post design, tailored fit adjustments, and true-to-size comfort. The balance between barefoot feel and durability makes them ideal for everyday wear and light hiking—a blend of comfort, protection, and freedom.

Altra Rivera 4 Review – Minor updates, maximum returns

altra rivera 4 hero
The Altra Rivera 4 redefines expectations for runners with narrow feet, offering a glove-like fit in an affordable package. Ideal for those seeking a precision fit and responsive road running experience, the Rivera 4 combines Altra's signature innovations with a sleek, performance-oriented design.

Beginner’s Guide to Running: How Altra Shoes Can Help

altra mont blanc durability
Choosing the right footwear is crucial for beginner runners. Altra shoes, with their unique FootShape™ Fit and Zero-Drop philosophy, offer a natural, comfortable running experience. Find out why Altras are a top choice for new runners looking to hit the trails or pavement.

Top 5 Barefoot Trail Running Shoes 2024

Are you confused with all the barefoot options in the market? Fear not! I've conducted practical tests on numerous barefoot trail running shoes, evaluated them, and compiled a list of the top 5 choices in the barefoot running world of 2024!